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Amy Schumer’s Message About Not Being a Size 2 Is What We All Need to Hear

Regardles of whether or not you like Amy Schumer’s comedy, she definitely is a champion for women. She often stands up against body shaming–and tries to promote positive body image and self love. For a woman in the spotlight who has a huge fan base, this is especially important.

Recently, she posted a photo to her Instagram with the hashtag, #ieatpastaalot. While it may seem silly, I really do commend her for using humor to talk about an issue that many find difficult to talk about. In the post, she wrote about how it’s OK not to be a size 2, and if you aren’t, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love your body.

Her message is short and simple: We need to love ourselves. And we don’t need to be thin. (And we can totally eat pasta.) It’s a reminder many of us need, especially when we’re often inundated with headlines like “How So-and-So Lost the Baby Weight.” I’m so over those types of articles, because it’s 2016, and who cares.

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