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Edible Sukkah Craft

On Sukkot, Jews celebrate the fall harvest by spending time outdoors in a special hut called a sukkah. A sukkah is kind of a flimsy structure. It must have two and a half walls, and the roof must be made out of branches that cover most of the top, but still leave enough space to see the stars. Some people eat meals in the sukkah, and some even sleep in the sukkah! There are lots of reasons behind the sukkah, but one of our favorites is that it reminds us of the impermanence of life, and to remember what’s truly of value: friends, family, and special times together. 

Now, if you don’t have the outdoor space to make your own sukkah, or if you simply don’t have the time this year, we have an alternative for you. An edible sukkah! You can easily make this with your kids. The recipe below is healthy and delicious, but if you’re feeling like a dessert sukkah, you can substitute graham crackers, peanut butter or frosting, and pretzel sticks or licorice to add that sweetness.

You’ll Need:

crackers (I’ve used stone ground wheat crackers)
cream cheese (you can also use peanut butter or soy butter or the like)
carrot sticks (you can also use green beans)
cherry tomatoes

1. With one cracker lying flat on a table, spread thin strip of cream cheese onto the two opposite sides of the cracker.

2. Stand a cracker in the cream cheese at a perpendicular angle (180 degrees) to create the walls. Repeat with another cracker.

3. Stand sukkah upright: you now have three walls.

4. Create the roof or s’chach with carrot sticks (or green beans).

5. Decorate your sukkah with cherry tomatoes.

Eat and enjoy!

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