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Lisa Loeb Dishes on Being a Jewish Mom

How many kids do you have and what are their name(s) and age(s)?

I have one daughter, Lyla, and she’s 14 months old.

Are you sleep training, and if so, is it easier or harder than you expected?

I did some sleep training with her, and it was very difficult. We didn’t even do the really hardcore training–we only let her cry for 10 or 15 minutes tops, but when it’s happening, it’s the longest 10 minutes in the entire world. My husband was more in charge of it than I was, and I’d go for a walk in the neighborhood while it was happening to avoid the serious stomach knots and my own tears. In the end, Lyla sleeps really well–usually 11 or 12 hours a night, and most days she also has two good regular naps each day, too, thanks to our nanny’s attention to her sleep schedule.

Is there any Jewish thing that your family did when you were a kid that you don’t want to do with your kids?

I can’t think of anything I did that I wouldn’t want to do. I think I’ve developed an even more personal connection to the holidays and their meanings, and so I’d like to pass that along, rather than the feeling that you celebrate the holidays and even if something seems boring, that’s all part of it… like sitting through synagogue, counting the organ pipes and lights… I’d rather have our daughter engaged in some way. That’s the wave of the present and future.

Do you plan to send your kids to Hebrew School?

I’d love to send my daughter to Hebrew School, but one that really teaches that personal connection.

What’s the most expensive thing you ever bought for your kid?

A Porsche. Just kidding. I can’t think of anything super expensive. She’s only 14 months old.

What are your favorite songs to sing to your daughter?

“Love Will Keep Us Together” is one that we sing with the Captain and Tennille CD, which I wish she’d like more than some of the other kid songs . I think her favorites are “Old MacDonald,” or as she calls it “ee-i-ee-i-o” and “Five Little Monkees Jumping on the Bed.”

You came out with an album of camp songs, Camp Lisa, wrote a musical about camp called Camp Kappawanna, and started The Camp Lisa Foundation to help raise funds to send underprivileged kids to camp. Why do you think it’s important for children to have a good summer camp experience, and at what age do you plan on sending your daughter to camp?

I think kids have such an amazing time at camp and everyone should experience that: independence, feeling a safe sense of freedom, trying new things, challenging themselves, spending time outside, creating, doing sports (even if they’re not great at them…), swimming, having their own stories to tell and coming home with new ones, making friends. I plan to send my daughter to summer camp.  I’m sure as soon as she’s in school, there will be some kind of day camp appropriate for her–she loves playing outside and interacting with other kids, and I like the safe environment!

You are known for your iconic eyewear, and you just launched your own eyewear line. Be honest, do you secretly hope your daughter will need glasses so that you can fit her with some cute specs?

I don’t wish glasses on anyone, but that being said, I’m glad that there are so many cute glasses to choose from these days. I think it’s important to make the best of any situation, and if you have to wear glasses, you might as well look super cute, right?

What’s the best thing about being a new parent?

Wow, that’s a huge question. I love getting to know this new person–she’s so interesting and funny and sweet and charming. It’s a lot of love.

Are you a kveller?

Ha! Yes, I am–how could I not be? Have you seen her knowing smile, or heard all of her words–she’s already talking!! And what about that beautiful honey colored hair? Her laugh is so cute and bubbly…and she knows all of the parts of her face and can even use the super complicated remote control–not even I can do that!

Interview by Molly Tolsky

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb started her career with the platinum-selling No. 1 hit song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the film Reality Bites and has parlayed that early success into a multi-dimensional career encompassing music, film, television, voice-over work and children’s recordings. Lisa created the Camp Lisa Foundation which raises money to send children to experience summer camp who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Recently, Lisa brought her celebrated sense of style to the world of designer eyewear, with the Lisa Loeb eyewear line that is hitting stores nationally now. For more information:

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