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Simchat Torah Edible Craft

I’ll be honest…I’m not planning on spending the day in synagogue on Simchat Torah. I know I should probably go. And I don’t even have a legitimate excuse–I work at a Jewish newspaper and have the day off! But I’m a full-time working mom, and when given a day off, I have a whole list of things I need to do to take care of my family. Being in shul all day just isn’t one of them.

That being said, it would be nice to recognize the day in some way. And, even nicer to find a way to help my kids realize that it’s a holiday and have a chance to discuss the significance of Simchat Torah with them. After all, the Torah is really the foundation of Judaism. It’s where of our stories, law, and traditions come from.

So, once again, I’m turning to food. It just seems like a no-brainer. We have to feed our kids, so with just a little creativity (and just a smidge more time) their turkey sandwiches become turkey Torah rolls!

This is something you can easily do with your kids, and take advantage of the moment as a teaching opportunity. Talk to them about how we read the Torah every year—as soon as we end it, we begin it again. I’m sure they’ll have some age-appropriate insight into why it’s important to reread the Torah each year. (Personally, I find that I learn something new from the stories and laws when I hear it now as compared to when I was younger.) Or, just talk about your favorite Torah stories (Noah’s ark, how Abraham and Sarah welcomed guests to their home, Jacob wrestling the angel, the golden calf, Joseph and his brothers… the list goes on.)

And, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I will take everyone to synagogue after dinner–a little dancing with the Torahs couldn’t hurt.

You’ll Need:

wraps or tortillas
knife/kitchen scissors
sliced turkey
carrot sticks
mustard and mayonnaise as you desire

1. Place a long ribbon down on a cutting board. Place a tortilla on top of it.

2. Using a knife or kitchen scissors, cut the top and bottom of the tortilla’s circle to make it more rectangular in shape. (Adults only!)

3. (If you’d like, this is when you can add mustard or mayonnaise) Lay sliced turkey breasts on top of the tortilla.  At either end, lay two carrot sticks vertically (total of four carrot sticks).

4. Roll each end toward the center. Tie with ribbon to secure.


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