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Top Ten Classic Jewish Books for Kids

Here are ten very wonderful Jewish picture books that recall the landscapes of the past. These are books that reach into Jewish history–to Medieval Prague and to Israel in the 1970s, to mythical Chelm, and to the Lower East Side. They are images from our collective memory, captured by true artists, and so they offer us the opportunity to show our kids some of the places where we come from.

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat By Simms Taback

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The ultimate recycling story! When Joseph’s overcoat becomes too old and ragged to wear, he turns it into a jacket. Then he turns it into a vest. Then a tie. And so on and so on. The message of this story never gets old–that everything has a purpose. If you remember Joseph from your childhood you’ll be delighted by the new edition and its wonderfully fresh art, for which Taback won himself the 2000 Caledcott Medal. Not bad recycling on the part of the author, if you ask me.

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