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Top Ten New Jewish Books for Kids

Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken By Daniel and Jill Pinkwater

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Master storyteller Daniel Pinkwater offers us the tale of Yetta, a snow-white chicken who has fallen off an organic farm truck and escaped (“Yetta, beautiful Yetta, will not be sold. She will not be soup!”) into the streets of Brookyn, to encounter such mysteries as cats, rats, and pizza scraps. Told in Spanish, Yiddish, and English, Beautiful Yetta incorporates silliness with a message of inclusivity, as our fat feathered friend is at once adopted by, and also adopts a friendly flock of parrots. Kids will probably make use of their newfound language skills, though I wasn’t quite prepared the first time my toddler called me a “fahrSHTUNkehneh kahtz!” (stinky cat).

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