But Really, Why the Heck Are Bar Mitzvah DJs So Expensive? – Kveller
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But Really, Why the Heck Are Bar Mitzvah DJs So Expensive?

You may have thought that everything involving weddings would outweigh the cost of a bar/bat mitzvah by far. Well, you thought wrong. Apparently, bat/bar mitzvah DJs are way more pricey, according to a recent study done by Thumbtack.

Their data found that bar/bat mitzvah DJs are 32% more expensive than wedding DJs, meaning most pay close to a $1,000 on average. Who would have thought?

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So really, why is the cost so high?

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Unlike a wedding, where the DJ mostly plays selections from the couple’s favorites songs, a bar/bat mitzvah requires that the DJ actually entertains the kids by not only playing music they like, but finding creative ways to get even the shyest kid to dance. DJ Mike Burchard of B_Entertained reiterates this sentiment, stating for Thumbtack:

“As a mitzvah DJ, you definitely need a different set of skills. I tell my guys to ‘think like a kid’ when it comes to mitzvah DJing and MCing versus for a wedding, where your focus is more on the formal. Unfortunately some guys can’t let go and be a kid again. They are the ones who have a more difficult time as a mitzvah DJ.”

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Basically, bar/bat mitzvah DJs are more expensive, because entertaining kids is tough. Think about why the toy industry is a multi-million dollar business.

If you don’t believe us, just ask Paul Rudd. He was a bat mitzvah DJ before he became famous (for friend of Kveller, Gabi Birkener, no less!):

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