First Graders Listen to Adele's 'Hello' And This Is How They Reacted – Kveller
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First Graders Listen to Adele’s ‘Hello’ And This Is How They Reacted

Have you ever wondered what your kids really thought of Adele when you’re jamming to her during car rides? Well, now the Fine Brothers have the answer. In their Kids React! series on Youtube, they had kids ages 6 to 12 listen to Adele’s “Hello” and “Rolling in the Deep.” As you can imagine, their reactions are pure gold.

While many of the reactions were adorable or funny, some posed philosophical questions, like, “Is that fur coat, in fact, a Chewbacca costume?”

One kid, a real jokester who I believe might grow up to be a famous comedian, told the best joke: “Why did Adele cross the road? … To say hello from the other side.”

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I don’t want to spoil too much, so watch the video for yourself:

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