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Friday Night: Feeding New Moms

New parents are notorious for eating cereal three meals a day because it's the easiest to make.

There’s been quite a crop of new babies and pregnancies amongst my friends, and I love it. I’ve gotten to meet some of the little ones recently, and it’s so much fun to hold them and reminisce about when my almost-2-year-old daughter was so tiny. Ah, memories.

One of the things I remember most about those early days was how chaotic everything was. This tiny little baby arrives and suddenly you can’t figure out how to get anything else done anymore–from laundry to getting dressed to making dinner. In our house, we ordered in. A lot. (Too much!) Since then, I’ve tried to bring food to new moms and dads as much as possible. We’ve got some great recipes for that–I wish someone had made those for me! Especially for a Friday night Shabbat meal.

But the other day a friend told me about an awesome new website. And I swear they aren’t giving me any money to tell you about this. It’s called, and it’s basically a meal registry. New parents can make an account, ask for meals at certain times, detail the kinds of foods they like, don’t like, and are allergic to, and friends can just sign up for specific slots to make food. You can even give a few of your favorite take-out restaurants and friends can call it in for you and put it on their credit card! Genius.

I am encouraging all of my pregnant friends to sign up for this one. I almost want to get pregnant so I can get my own mealbaby account. Though my husband tells me that’s not the best reason to get pregnant. Can’t blame a girl for trying.

Want more recipes to bring to new moms? Israeli food? Challah? Or check out our complete recipe list for all of our favorite foods.

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