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Get Inspired by This Israeli Musician’s Song, Sung by a Multicultural Choir

Yael Deckelbaum, an award-winning Israeli Canadian singer-songwriter and activist, wrote one of the most powerful songs and it’s called “This Land.” You can look at it not just as a song, but as a call to action–one we desperately need right now.

In an all-woman ensemble uniting Arabic, Christian, and Jewish women, the song promotes unity and positivity–and is a courageous celebration of womanhood. Deckelbaum posted the song on Facebook, describing how the song shows us what kind of world we need:


“A world where we learn to see the beauty of our diversity, unite above religions and nationalities and restore the forgotten values of humanity, authenticity, kindness, mutual responsibility and hope.

The woman is a necessary, essential and inseparable component in building such a world and through music, harmony and rhythm, we will share a heart-melting journey that will open our gates to new possibilities.”

The new song has garnered about 350,000 views since it was posted on May 3. The song was also translated into Egyptian Arabic.

Deckelbaum went on to say how “the women in the ensemble will sing another prayer, for a respectful living, hope and a new horizon that will be revealed to all inhabitants of our country.” Previously, Deckelbaum went viral with her song “Prayer of Mothers.”

Check out the song below:

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