Happy End of Passover, See You Wednesday – Kveller
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Happy End of Passover, See You Wednesday

It’s that special time during mid-week Passover where if you’re not entirely too sick of eating matzah, you’re entirely too sick of cleaning up all its crumbs. But do not fear: the end is in sight.

The last two days of Passover are Monday and Tuesday, which means Kveller is closing up shop. We’ll be back on Wednesday, probably posting pictures of challah and bagels all day just because we can.

In the meantime, we do have some recipes to get you through these last few days, like salami and eggs matzah brei, cast iron potato kugel, and Mayim Bialik’s recipe for vegan eggplant casserole.

Or you can go Tamara Reese-style with guacamole on matzah, though she warns: “Eating homemade guacamole off matzah is like licking hot fudge off of the driveway.”

Whatever you’re eating, enjoy the rest of your Passover and we’ll see you all next week.

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