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Jemima Kirke Is So Brutally Honest About Being a Young Mom, It Hurts

One thing I admire about Jemima Kirke is the fact that she’s not afraid to be honest about her struggles. In this case, she recently opened up about motherhood in a refreshingly honest and real way that doesn’t always happen with your own friends, not to mention in the public eye.

This past Tuesday, Kirke was featured in StyleLikeU’s latest video interview as part of the What’s Underneath Project. The interview series focuses on women answering questions while slowly removing items of clothing to show that style is not only about the clothes you wear, but who you are beneath the layers.

In the 13-minute interview, the “Girls” actress opened up about her anxieties and personal insecurities–which led to her discussing her feelings about becoming a mom:

“I’m very insecure about my capabilities in a lot of areas ― one of them being parenting. I was not ready to have a baby, and I really was not thinking about what I was doing. And I was doing it almost in the same way as getting a haircut or getting a tattoo.”

Kirke and her now-estranged husband Michael Mosberg welcomed their daughter, Rafella Israel Mosberg, back in 2010. She then gave birth to their son, Memphis Kirke Mosberg, in 2012. Sadly, however, Kirke and her husband recently split after seven years of marriage.

When Kirke spoke about her daughter’s birth, she mentioned that the mom guilt came soon after:

“To a lot of people, it looked like I was getting my life together. The guilt hit me the second she came out of me … that I was her mother. I realized, I was like, ‘Oh my god, what did I just do? I just released a suffering person, you know? And they’re just gonna give me a baby.’

They should really like, have more of a screening for people at the hospital before they give the baby to you.”

Kirke also described what it was like being a young mom:

“I was still going through my 20s with her as a toddler. And there was something that felt unfair about that to her because I wasn’t ready to stay home every night. And I didn’t have the patience because I still had a lot of self centeredness.”

Don’t forget to check out the full interview below, where she talks about marriage, mental health, and more:

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