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Jewish baby names

Jewish Baby Names That Start With the Letter ‘K’

You'll love options like Kelilah, Kochav and Kobe.

Jewish Baby Names

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When considering the letter “K,” I cannot help but think of the Kardashian-Jenners: Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Kendall, Kylie and Kashmir. Admittedly, I just made up Kashmir Kardashian, but the point remains! The Kardashian-Jenner family is so pervasive in American pop culture that it’s a challenge to come up with “K” names that aren’t somehow related to them.

But guess what? Kim, there’s people that are dying — and also, you don’t own the letter K! In fact, there are plenty of beautiful Jewish baby names that begin with the letter “K.” Here’s a list of our favorite “K” Jewish baby names.


1. KalanitBuild me up, Kalanit! In Hebrew, Kalanit means “buttercup.” It can also be spelled “Calanit.”

2. Katriella Meaning “my crown is God” in Hebrew, Katriella is a great option if you like “Katherine” or “Gabriella” but want a more unique name.

3. KelilahKelilah is a perfect baby name. Literally! In Hebrew, Kelilah means “perfect.” 

4. KeshetIn Hebrew, Keshet means “rainbow.” It’s a lovely name if you’re looking to honor LGBTQ+ Jews.

5. KiraA diminutive for the Hebrew name Yakira, Kira has various meanings. It can mean “dear,” “beloved” or “leader of the people.”

6. KriendelIn Yiddish, this name means “crown,” making it an apt choice for your tiny princess.



7. Kochav If you see a bright future for your baby, regardless of gender, perhaps name them Kochav! In Hebrew, this unisex name means “star.”



8. KatrielLike its feminine counterpart Katriella, Katriel means “my crown is God.”

9. KfirThere might be a lot of “The Lion King” in your future with your Kfir. In Hebrew, Kfir means “young lion.” 

10. KobeOriginating in Hebrew, Kobe is an alternative version of the name Jacob. (Like the biblical patriarch!) Perhaps the most famous Kobe ever was basketball legend Kobe Bryant, may his memory be a blessing.

11. KoppelIn Yiddish, Koppel means “supplanter.” If you’re a news junkie, naming your son Koppel could honor iconic Jewish broadcast journalist Ted Koppel.

Click here for a full list of Jewish baby names that start with the letter “K.”

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