Jewish Kids' 'I ❤️ My Roth IRA' Shirt is a Big Fat Nope – Kveller
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Jewish Kids’ ‘I ❤️ My Roth IRA’ Shirt is a Big Fat Nope

Ah, Jewish stereotypes. Like winter in Chicago or a bad UTI, they never seem to go away. Latest case in point: Jewish e-retailer ModernTribe recently added some new digs to their selection of baby and kidwear, including this “I ❤️ My Roth IRA” shirt “for the financially savvy toddler.” Oy.

The shirt on its own doesn’t make any references to Jews or Judaism, but the fact that this bad boy showed up among explicitly Jewish apparel like ugly Hanukkah sweaters and “My First Passover” bibs makes it seem as though we are supposed to view this as a Jewish-themed t-shirt. And why would it be a Jewish shirt? Because, duh, Jews love money!!!

Oh, and the other new shirt available in the Jewish kids section? The “Future Physician Baby T-Shirt.” Obviously there’s nothing wrong with hoping your little nose-picker will grow up to be a real doct-ah, but there’s something just a bit ick about these tried and true stereotypes being reinforced, starting at the low low age of only 12 months.

As with the offensive Hanukkah sweaters that came before, my real grudge here is the fact that these jokes are stale as hellCan we really not come up with any funny Jewish t-shirt ideas that don’t make fun of the fact that all Jews will grow up to be doctors with great savings accounts?

Also, can somebody please, please explain to me what a Roth IRA is? Because apparently, I am a very bad Jew.

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