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Mayim Bialik

Kveller Exclusive: Old School Pics From Mayim Bialik’s “Blossom” Days

In case you haven’t gotten enough of the “Blossom” reunion on the internet, on Kveller, or elsewhere, I wanted to share some behind the scenes pictures from my “Blossom” days. “Blossom” is returning to Hub TV Monday, July 7. Hopefully, these will jog your memory in the best way and not make you feel old!

1. Me, Joey, and Jenna at my high school graduation celebration on set.

My mom arranged for a little graduation “party” for me on set when I graduated from high school in real life. That’s our beloved director Bill Bixby behind me and Jenna.

2. Me and Joey going to the People’s Choice Awards.

This was maybe first or second season; we were 14 and 15. Check out my beehive!

3. Me and Joey and Jenna before some awards thing.

Look at how young we were. Wow. Jenna looks like Emma Watson here, I think. And Joey’s hair is so 90s, I love it.

4. Me and David Lascher.

Yeah, he was hot. He played Vinny. He was a super nice guy. He still is in the industry, acting and writing. We had a lot of fun times together. I love this picture of us. I stole one of his character’s shirts from the wardrobe department when the show ended, because they always got him these vintage flannels and that was my style! (No, he didn’t steal any of my “Blossom” hats.)

5. Me and Michael Stoyanov in drag.

There was an episode that called for the boys to be in drag, and here is Michael–my older brother on the show–in drag. I love this picture. I was growing my bangs out, so they were parted awkwardly in the middle and it was a horrible hair phase for me, but whatever.

6. Me with a young body.

When we did a take-off on Madonna’s “Truth or Dare” in Season 3, I got to pretend to be Madonna in a dream sequence. It was all of the cast’s favorite episode we ever did. It was shot on location, in black and white, and it was full of cameos by Tori Spelling, Neil Patrick Harris, David Cassidy, Mr. T, and a bunch of other celebrities. Here’s me posing like Madonna. Note the blossoms covering the bra. This was considered racy at the time and that’s why we added fabric to the sleeves of the bra. These days, I think I could have gone topless in this kind of episode, but I guess in 1993, we had a little modesty still…I am also kind of embarrassed to post this, but I was 17 and this is what the episode called for. Also, I had no idea how much I should have appreciated my abdominal muscles because they look NOTHING LIKE THIS now.

There’s more where this came from, trust me. I’ve got a photo box chock full of good memories. Enjoy!

For more Blossom trivia, check out this joint interview with Mayim and Jenna (who played Six!) about motherhood, what really went down at the #BlossomReunion, and Mayim’s thoughts on becoming a child actor.

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