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Lena Dunham Raps in ‘Sensual Pantsuit’ for Hillary Clinton Video

Lena Dunham is on a roll this week. First, she dressed up in a Halloween costume bashing Trump–and now she made a video parodying celebrity activism in a new PSA for Hillary Clinton. And she raps. In a “sensual pantsuit.”

The video begins with a few people in Dunham’s home trying to figure out why they were invited to her place in the first place, with one cleverly mentioning that he hoped to record her saying something controversial to leak to the press. Just in time, Dunham comes into the room and says that it’s not a “simple brunch.” Instead, she reveals that she’s going to fight for Hillary by rapping for her and calls herself MC Pantsuit.

The video, called “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem,” also features Broadway star Cynthia Erivo and radio personality Charlamagne the God. Of course, the climax of the video is when Dunham decides to take off her pantsuit to reveal a “more sensual pantsuit ’cause that’s what you do for the candidate you love.” At this point, Charlamagne says he’s confused. Because, you know, we all are. Except that’s also the point–which actually makes it funny.

 Watch the video below:

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