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Mayim Bialik: Major Change of Plans on the Emmy Dress


So… sometimes in life, things change. And it’s OK that things change. Take my Emmy dress, for example. As of this week, everything has changed.

Here are the top 5 things that have changed about my Emmy dress, which will be followed by the top 5 things that haven’t changed about my Emmy dress.

Things That Have Changed:

1. Color.

The dress will no longer be that color that I haven’t worn since my bat mitzvah. It will be a color that I have worn since my bat mitzvah, which is a color many of you have said you like when I wear it. You’re welcome.

2. Sleeves.

No more fancy sleeves.

3. Cuffs.

No more fancy cuffs.

4. Fit.

No more tightness in the hips and tuchus department.

5. Designer.

Oliver Tolentino, who designed my Emmy dress last year, is now designing this year’s Emmy dress in a record nine days. Thank you, Oliver!

Things That Haven’t Changed

1. Tznius.

I will still be covered pretty much from neck to ankle. There will be some clavicle and upper chest action which I am totally comfortable with. I hope you’re all comfortable with it, too. You should know that Emmy day is a 12-hour day, and as a long sleeves-wearer, I sweat a LOT on red carpets. The clavicle and upper chest action allows my body to cool off a bit, FYI.

2. Balance.

This dress will still attempt to strike the balance between hot and holy.

3. Clutch.

I may or may not be carrying a clutch. I am still rallying for a proper purse, which is larger than the size of an OB tampon, but I may lose this battle still. Remains to be seen.

4. Anxiety.

Worry not, because I’m still worrying enough for all of us: in general, and particularly about what’s going to go down on Monday, both fashion-wise and awards-wise.

5. Magen David.

No matter the dress, I will still be rocking a Magen David of some sort. No bother that I already had ordered one to go with the previous incarnation of my dress. They come in all varieties, just like the Jews themselves. I’ll track something down.

Plus, sometimes we need to just go with the flow and roll with the changes as they come. I’m even told that sometimes a little change is good. Sheryl Crow says, “A change will do you good.”

How about this year we split the difference in belief systems regarding change and I’ll just try to fake it ’til I make it.

Sound OK? Good.

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