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Mayim Bialik: The Emmy Awards Are Coming & I Need a Dress!


With all of the Israel news this past month, I almost forgot that the Emmys are coming up and that I’m nominated. I knew they were on the horizon, but all of a sudden, they are less than a month away! Eeeeek!

I have decided to do a post a week about the Emmy goings-on to keep you updated about the dress, the jewelry, the shoes, and all of the appropriate insights I may (or may not) have. This is not to detract from the serious events going on in Israel, Syria, Iraq, or anywhere else, but I know there has been interest in the past in my Emmy journey so I will continue to write about it!

It’s very exciting and it’s a huge honor to be nominated. I have waxed poetic here for the past three years about how humbling and unbelievable it is to me–the grandchild of Eastern European immigrants–that I am nominated for the highest award in my industry. Every year I have been nominated has knocked me on my proverbial tuchus–I really can’t believe it.

I have also written here for the past several years about how unprepared I feel for being on display in general, walking the red carpet in particular, and trying to compete with what Hollywood deems attractive and marketable (i.e. super duper skinny, small-featured, and/or model-like). I’m not a natural on the carpet with all of that attention on me, and most people find it shocking to hear that I am actually an introvert who lives an extrovert’s life but isn’t comfortable at all with tons of people around or with a lot of eyes on me.

For all of these reasons, and for the additional fact that I may be the “fattest” woman in Hollywood since I’m not a size 0 or 2, finding an Emmy dress has been a saga fraught with anxiety for me for four years. This year is no exception. As a nominee, my stylist Ali Kahn has extra attention on “us.” We have chosen a designer to design a custom dress for me who I have never met but who I hope makes me a fantastic dress…

I am still recovering from hand surgery, and the dress may have to have some adjustments for that. I want something simple, and I love 1930s gowns and hope for some of that elegance and simplicity. The sketches look great, and there is some really cool sleeve action going on which I won’t say more about yet. There also is sparkly stuff in the mix, which is cool, and which I hope can make me look a bit edgy and rock and roll since I love that sort of thing. (For point of reference, here’s my favorite look Ali and David Meister did at last year’s Golden Globes, complete with an awesome black rock Elephant Heart ring).

We have a color for the dress. I won’t say what it is–we will leave that reveal for the red carpet–but I will say that I have never worn this particular color on a red carpet and I think it’s safe to say I have actually never ever worn this color in my adult life. I may have pictures of me wearing a similar color in elementary school but I think it’s safe to say that never since my bat mitzvah have I worn this color or anything close to it. Seriously. But Ali says it’s super hot and that I will look “gorge” in it. That’s stylist talk for “gorgeous,” FYI.

I will let you know how the first fitting goes next week. Most likely I will feel like I need to stop eating solid foods after the fitting because there is nothing like strangers looking at you in SPANX and taking measurements of your “upper butt,” “lower butt,” and the “widest part of the hip” to make you feel like you should never ever eat again.

Onward to Emmys!

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