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Mayim Bialik’s Recap from the 2014 Golden Globes

1. Lighting

I picked this week to take out my dining room fixture. It’s the brightest and best light in the house and it’s in the room where I get my hair and makeup done but I have disliked it for many years. For a ton of interesting and not interesting reasons, I chose this week to finally be done with it and remove it from the ceiling, thus leaving my hair and makeup team no good light with which to make me up. Don’t ask. So I gathered every other lamp I could and plugged them in and thank goodness make-up lady Linda brought a light to clamp to a chair, so we were all good. But didn’t I feel like a dolt. Yeah, I did. Here’s some of the lamps in my dining room.

2. Limo

Snazzy limo in effect. Neon lights. Big enough for 10 of my closest friends even though I did not have 10 friends with me. Here’s the limo:

And me in the limo:

3. Outfit

I actually liked every single part of my outfit! This is not to say I am a malcontent dresser or that I am always looking to not be happy with something that my fantastic stylist Alison Kahn does. It’s that I simply have such low expectations of the world of fashion and me intersecting that I often am just neutral or not negative about outfits.

Sure, we have done some great looks that I liked, and that got great reception, but this custom David Meister dress really made my head spin. Not only was it 
 (modest) to my standards, but it was super comfortable. I almost skipped the SPANX, it was that well fitted, but Ali would never allow that kind of rebellion. It fit like a glove. It was perfect. Truly.

Ali let me paint my nails black (!) which is something I have been doing since high school but am never allowed to do for events. The jewelry was edgy and black and good. I even got to wear my own heels since they barely showed, and I made it through the entire evening without having to take them off. That’s a very big deal since most shoes Ali has me wear are 5″ and I can’t bear them for more than a few hours. All in all, this was the perfect look for me. Yahoo. Here’s my nails that I manicured myself since I don’t believe in manicures.

4. Famous People

Oh my gosh. I saw so many famous people in one room really close to me. Here’s Bradley Cooper and Joaquin Phoenix.

I actually went up to The Edge and Bono (U2!) with our executive producer Steve Molaro. Are the members of U2 fans of 
The Big Bang Theory
? Without revealing too much about their personal TV choices… yes.

Uma Thurman said hi to me and Jim Parsons, as he and I had seats along the railing separating the TV from the movie stars and we saw everyone walk by us. Considering I don’t watch TV or see a ton of movies, I did recognize a fair amount of people. And, yeah, Michael Fassbender will always be Magneto to me and Kate Beckinsale will also be the heroine of “Underworld” so I was very thrilled with those sightings especially. And oh my gosh: the guy who played Quintus in “Gladiator” (Tomas Arana) was one table away from me on one side, and Liev Schreiber was one table from me on the other side. It was incredibly good, all of it. I still get so excited when I see people I know. It’s crazy.

5. Carpet

Oh, red carpet. You fickle beast. You fickle fickle funny strange beast. Remember when I went to the “Twilight” premiere and a sexy woman went in front of me on the red carpet and the photographers thus couldn’t really care less about me? That kind of happened at the Globes. It’s OK. I mean, it’s awkward but whatever. I was incredibly chill about all of it this year which is a wonderful place to be in. And when I got bumped on the carpet for Orlando Bloom, he apologized but I told him if I were to get bumped for anyone, it might as well be him. (Yeah, my main and only point of reference for him is as Legolas in “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.” I’ve never seen him in anything but those. True story.)

So yeah, the carpet gave the old ego a little bit of a beating, but I was so comfortable in my dress and so excited to get the evening moving so I could hit the after party, it was all fine. I survived, as did my ego. Here’s me at the top of the ET platform at the start of the red carpet.

Here’s me mid-carpet.

6. Friends

What was I most looking forward to at the Globes besides the after party? Sitting with my castmates at a table and hanging out and eating and drinking. We work together all week, but I enjoy being together at non-set things. We sat with our executive producers Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady, and Steve Molaro, and our director Mark Cendrowski. It was fun. Here’s me and Melissa Rauch:

And me with Jim Parsons:

7. Losing Team

As I have discussed here regarding the Emmys, winning is good. Losing is bad. I am very competitive and always will be. It gives me my edge. It’s OK. So yeah, last night I would have preferred Jim to win. I would have preferred our show to win. But we didn’t. And it’s OK. We do good work, our little mighty sitcom. We had a brutal long day the day after the Globes and it’s good to work at my craft with such talented and beloved fellow actors. It’s all good.

Screen Actors Guild Awards are next weekend… and then awards season ends until the Emmys this fall. Am I ready for it to be over? You betcha. Am I trying to appreciate every blessed moment? Yes. That too.

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