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Meet the 18 Most Eligible Dogs of JSwipe

Happy Purim! Enjoy our special holiday-themed content, and scroll down to the end of this post for even more. 

If you’re Jewish and single, chances are someone (ahem, your mom) told you to join JSwipe, the “Jewish Tinder” of dating apps. The Forward recently highlighted the 45 most popular women and 42 most popular men on JSwipe, which resulted in lots of shirtless selfies, bikini pics, shiny smiles, and did I mention shirtless selfies?

I’m here to say: no. Just no. While I’m sure these Jewish singles are all lovely people, there’s something just a little vomit-inducing about superficial lists like this. That is, unless they’re about DOGS.

So I took one for the team, turned to my phone for love, and found 18 of the hottest canines on the market. Wo-oof.

1. All-American Golden Retriever. What a nice guy.
jswipe 1

2. Snow Pup. Hit the slopes with this little rascal, but keep a close eye on him–he blends right in!
jswipe 2

3. Black & White Deep Thoughts. Talk to this dog about the patriarchy’s role in your burgeoning imposter syndrome. He’ll listen.jswipe3

4. R&R Rover. This is the kind of dog you can really Netflix & Chill with (and I mean that strictly in the most literal sense of the term).
jswipe dog

5. Superdog. Some heroes don’t wear capes, but others do.
jswipe super dog

6. Hipster Art Dog. You can already imagine the Pinterest-perfect barn wedding.
jswipe dog

7. Mardi Paw. Such a party animal.
jswipe dog

8. Mr. Intense. He will keep you safe and protected, if not totally terrified.
jswipe dog

9. Furry Fabio. Look at those soft tufts of golden hair!
jswipe dog

10. Snow Bite. Just look at that punim.
jswipe dog

11. Dapper Doggy. This pitbull-mix has style up the wazoo.
jswipe dog

12. Eugene Levy. Brows for days.
jswipe dog

13. Inspirational Pup. He’ll encourage you to live your dreams… of playing with a cute dog.
jswipe dog

14. Simba. OK actually I think this is just a lion. Still cute.
jswipe dog

15. Snoozy Spot. Big spoon, meet little spoon.
jswipe dog

16. The Boss. Yeah… he’s gonna need you to pet him on Saturday.
jswipe dog

17. A Monkey. Because sometimes dogs just aren’t exotic enough.
jswipe monkey

18. A Dolphin. Let’s throw one of these in here for good measure, too.
jswipe dolphin

Happy swiping!

Today at Kveller we’re celebrating Purim, a holiday with “the characteristics of a spring masquerade,” “a festival of merriment, play, and [ahem] pranks.”

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