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Mom Sends Her Teen a Care Package of the Trash He Forgot To Take Out

Getting your kids to do chores can literally feel like pulling teeth. The struggle, sadly, is very real. Terri Cox, however, figured out a way to teach her son a lesson, and it’s kind of genius. Her 18-year-old son Connor recently came home for the holidays–and according to Buzzfeedthey made a verbal agreement that he would carry out all of his normal chores. Of course, he didn’t.

Terri, however, wasn’t going to let it slide, especially since she cleaned his room before he came home from his winter break at college. So, instead, she sent Connor a care package when he returned back to school, only it wasn’t what he imagined. He stated how excited he initially was:

When I first got the package I was thrilled because my mom usually sends me snacks and stuff, and it was a pretty big box so I was expecting a good amount of food.” 

Connor very quickly realized it wasn’t a box of treats; it was garbage. Literally. He went on to say:

“I called her right after I realized what she did, and we shared a laugh. She has always had a great sense of humor and it definitely made sense that she would think of something that clever.

Most of the trash was hidden in my clothes drawers.” 

Like many kids his age, Connor shared the photo on Twitter, which has now received about 1.9K likes, over 500 retweets, and comments supporting his mom, like “Terr[i] is iconic.” Moms, write this idea down. Apparently, however, he didn’t realize that the photo would actually go viral:

I was really caught off guard by it going viral like this. I think [it’s] pretty cool to get out there and have everyone see how savage my mom is.”

Oh Terri, we love you.

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