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News Roundup: BMW Strollers, Different Takes on Low Birth Rates

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– Looking for the most luxurious stroller ride around? Then you’ll definitely need to spring $385 for the BMW Buggy by British stroller company Maclaren, which is “meant to reflect the sleek design and efficient maneuvering of the BMW and the innovation, design, style and safety of Maclaren.” (NYT)

– Everyone’s talking about the latest issue of Time Magazine, whose cover story suggests “When having it all means not having children.” The article explores why U.S. birth rates are at an all time low and how women who choose to go childless are perceived. (TIME)

– For a different take on the low birth rate, this article suggests that it’s not that fewer women are having kids, but they are waiting longer, and we’re currently experiencing the time-lag effect of postponement. Here’s a statistic of note: “for every year that she delays the birth of her first child, the average college graduate woman adds about 12 percent to her long-term earnings.” (Atlantic)

– The New Republic‘s latest cover story is making a splash, entitled “The Feminists of Zion.” The piece follows the burgeoning feminist movement in Israel and the fight between the Haredim and the non-ultra Orthodox. (The New Republic)

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