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News Roundup: Dirty Dancing at the Wedding

– Most Dirty Dancing fans get chills every time Johnny valiantly lifts Baby in the air during the last scene. This couple adorably recreated the dance scene for their own wedding–it’s OK if it brings a tear. Nobody puts Baby in the corner! (Huffington Post)

– An auto mechanic in Argentina had a dream about extracting a cork from a wine bottle. This then led him to create a device that will save babies’ lives during childbirth. (NY Times) 

– When John was 3 years old and afraid of the dark, his father locked him in the basement to quell his fear. Now that John has a little one of his own who is also scared of the dark, he hopes that although his father didn’t know best, maybe he will. (Motherlode)

– People with kids have unique challenges. For example, leaving the house. Comedian Michael Mcintyre will surely bring a laugh to any parent who has tried to get their kids out of the house in the morning. (Huffington Post)

– A 6-year-old girl from Oregon saved her mother’s life on Friday with skills learned from Mrs. Doubtfire. (Jezebel)

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