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News Roundup: Facebook Changes Privacy Settings For Teens

 All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

– In this week’s Facebook privacy update news, teenagers (users 13-17) can now make their pictures and status updates public, meaning accessible to the entire World Wide Web, giving the teen users more “freedom” and their parents more tsuris. (Huffington Post)

– Halloween candy dilemma: How much sugar is too much? KJ Dell’Antonia compares and contrasts different ways parents can handle limiting (or not) your kid’s candy cravings. (Motherlode)

– This writer claims that women who choose to have home births may increase the likelihood of health risks for their babies. (NY Times)

– It’s always the first-born’s job to test the rules and pave the way for the younger siblings, and sometimes it seems unfair for them. On the bright side, a new study confirms that strict parenting helps the first-born do the best in their studies. >(Today)

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