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Patton Oswalt & Meredith Salenger Celebrate Hanukkah & Christmas Together


For the first time in her life, Jewish actress Meredith Salenger trimmed a Christmas tree. And for the first time in his life, non-Jewish actor Patton Oswalt celebrated Hanukkah. The couple has been getting into the spirit of both holidays, together with Oswalt’s daughter, for the first time since they married.

Oswalt married Salenger in November; they began dating after the unexpected death of his first wife, Michelle McNamara, in 2016. Salenger captured the moment on her Instagram, with adorable photos of Alice, Oswalt’s daughter:

Oswalt followed up a Perez Hilton article spilling the details on their Christmas fun, saying this was his first Hanukkah celebration:

It’s heartwarming to see Oswalt in a much better place this year, having not only survived the grieving process, but rebuilding a family. What a great example for other families to follow, not just for those who suffer losses, but for those who celebrate different faiths together.

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