PSA: You Don't Need a Vagina to Load a Dishwasher (Episode 32) – Kveller
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Call Your Mother

PSA: You Don’t Need a Vagina to Load a Dishwasher (Episode 32)


Have you ever spent even one second thinking about the division of labor in your home? If so, this episode of Call Your Mother for you.

This week’s guest is Darcy Lockman, and she’s talking about the premise of her book: All The Rage: Mothers, Fathers, And The Myth Of Equal Partnership. (I’ll be honest — even that title makes that vein in my forehead bulge with indignation.) When you’re raising kids, there’s a very real mental load — the scaffolding of what makes a family work, whether it’s keeping track of who’s gotten a flu shot or whether everyone’s shoes fit — and it’s overwhelmingly the mothers in heterosexual relationships who wind up carrying it. 

Why is this unequal sharing of “the load” the case, when most of us came of age in a time when we were allegedly past all that chauvinistic crap? Lockman tells Jordana how the situation on the ground in her own house, family, and marriage led her to pursue this research — as well as what she’s learned and how she thinks it can be fixed. (Spoiler: maybe it can’t! Yay!). 

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll laugh again when you hear how Shannon’s husband is coping with his comparatively new status as father of three. Tune in today!

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