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Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham on What They Learned in Therapy

There’s a new series in town and it’s called Shrink. And you’re going to love it. It’s all about therapy–and how therapy is like dating. Because it takes time, it’s hard to foster a healthy relationship, and it’s hard to be honest and open about all the things going on in your brain.

Still, once you do figure it out, the rewards are invaluable.

The show is about real people–people you have seen around and in films, featuring short interviews with celebrities like Sarah SilvermanSusan OrleanLena DunhamNatasha LyonneKimberly Pierce and Gary Shteyngart.

The short series was created by filmmaker Alex Karpovsky and designer Teddy Blanks, who collaborate under the name Spielbergs.

Each video contains a short clip with the “patient,” bringing you briefly into their worlds in the same way therapy does. Some highlights:

sarah silverman

Sarah Silverman talks about how she has suffered from depression since she was a kid–and gives us some advice she’s learned along the way. 

natasha lyonne

Natasha Lyonne admits something surprising, especially on a show about therapy: She doesn’t like therapy. 

lena dunham
Lena Dunham, on the other hand, is a big supporter of therapy, and talks about her Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

This post is part of the Here.Now series, which seeks to destigmatize mental health,
and is made possible by UJA-Federation of New York and The Jewish Board.
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