Scarlett Johansson Slayed as Ivanka Trump in SNL's 'Complicit' Skit – Kveller
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Scarlett Johansson Slayed as Ivanka Trump in SNL’s ‘Complicit’ Skit

This weekend, Scarlett Johansson was the host at “Saturday Night Live” for the fifth time (she’s basically a pro now), and the night didn’t go by without some political jokes. Considering that’s what SNL is known for, I can’t say I was too surprised they “went there.”

And they really, really did. When I started watching the skit, which was called “Complicit,” as it was a spoof perfume commercial, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony (and truth, I hate to say). Scarjo worked her magic and transformed into Ivanka Trump–and well, all I can say is, the skit will definitely not be a favorite of any Ivanka fans, but it’s been circulating nonstop on social media ever since it aired.

The concept is in the name. In the skit, Ivanka wears a perfume called “Complicit,” because she is complicit with what her father’s administration does politically–and typically stays silent on controversial topics, lending her voice to the easy arguments (like the fact that working women should be empowered, without offering any real advice). In the skit, the voice-over said:

“She’s Ivanka. And a woman like her deserves a fragrance all her own. A scent made just for her. Because she’s beautiful. She’s powerful. She’s … Complicit.

She’s a woman who knows what she wants, and knows what she’s doing. Complicit.

She doesn’t crave the spotlight, but we see her. Oh, how we see her…

“A feminist. A champion. An advocate for women,” the narrator says as women on screen look confused. “But, like, how?” But that’s not it. At the end, the narrator takes the cake:

“Complicit: The fragrance for the woman who could stop all of this, but won’t.”

Yes, the skit is pretty harsh, but political comedy, especially at SNL, has always pushed the envelope, as a way to make us think about the current political climate–and find the humor in every situation. Personally, I loved the skit–and felt like Scarlett Johansson, who usually plays serious roles, absolutely killed it.

Watch the skit below:

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