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‘Schoolhouse Rock!’ Is 45 — Here Are the 11 Best Episodes

Believe it or not, Schoolhouse Rock! is now 45 years old. That means it’s been educating kids for generations — maybe even since before you were born. But whether you’re closer to 45, 35, or 25 years of age, chances are you’ll remember these ridiculously catchy tunes from those lazy, cartoon-filled Saturday mornings of yore.

In order to celebrate these beloved interstitial shorts, here are 11 of the best Schoolhouse Rock! episodes:

1. Get your adverbs on. 

2. Hey! Or other interjections.

3. Conjunction junction!

4. Just a bill on capital hill.

5. Electricity!


6. The Preamble, of course. 


7. The shot heard ’round the world.


8. Interplanet Janet (our favorite).

9. Figure eight, AKA: the number eight.

10. Dry bones.

11. Three is a magic number.


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