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The 10 Best Movies for New Moms to Watch

If you’re a new momor expecting parent who is chained to the couch for long periods of time (or you know, just a mom who likes to watch movies), you may want to watch something you feel pertains to you but that isn’t too serious. Sure, you liked “Moana” and “Dunkirk,” but what about laughing at the daily grind of being a parent?

Well, this is why I rounded up some of my favorite movies, mostly comedies, that you need to check out with a tub of ice cream and/or popcorn (you can also stream them online):

1. Away We Go 

This one is my personal favorite. Who doesn’t want to see Maya Rudolph alongside John Krasinki in this all-too-real movie about an unexpected pregnancy in an imperfect relationship?

2. Baby Boom

Diane Keaton plays a career woman in NYC who inherits a baby. Despite the 80’s power suits, the fact that she’s an unlikely mother and the exploration of “having it all” mean that this movie actually holds up today.

3. Father Of The Bride 2

Steve Martin is back and he’s about to welcome his first grandchild–all while becoming a dad for the third time. It’s the romantic comedy formula that never gets old.

4. Parenthood

For those of you who love Steve Martin as much as I do, here’s another family-filled movie full of nostalgia for you.

5. Motherhood

Uma Thurman plays a stay-at-home mom of two living in New York City! She may sound familiar to Kveller readers: juggling birthday parties, her husband, and writing deadlines.

6. I Don’t Know How She Does It

Based on the book of the same name, Sarah Jessica Parker plays a mom of two who is struggling to balance work, marriage, and kids. Plus, Pierce Brosnan is in this—cringe over the bake sale scene.

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