The Internet's Best Jokes About the 'Dirty Dancing' Remake – Kveller
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The Internet’s Best Jokes About the ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake

I’m one of the camp that the original “Dirty Dancing” was perfect and Patrick Swayze was one of the few leading men who could do no wrong. It’s why I, along with most of the cognizant universe, was pretty disappointed that there’s a remake of the movie, because why? When the original just nails it so well, it’s like reinventing the wheel and adding some decals that no one even wants (and if you want to know everything that was wrong with the remake, check out this awesome piece at our sister site, Alma).

I’m not the only one to feel this way, considering most of Twitter last night took a break from political chatter to unite in disappointment over the new movie (like why the pastrami on mayo?!!! ).

Our favorite burns:

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