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The Overbearing Jewish Moms of Bravo’s “Extreme Guide to Parenting”

If you want to feel like you have a handle on this whole parenting thing you should probably watch Bravo’s “Extreme Guide to Parenting.” Unsurprisingly, a disproportionate number of the “extreme parents” are Jewish, with stereotypically overbearing moms who smother their children with kooky love and unconventional parenting philosophies.

Enter Shira Adler, “Eco-Kosher Shamanistic Godess” mom. You read that right. Shira believes her son Yonah, who has ADHD, is an “indigo” child which means he sees invisible “spirit animals” all around him, including water buffalo, flying monkeys, and unicorns.

Yonah admits he doesn’t really know what an “indigo child” is. It’s more his mom’s thing, he explains. Shira says, “Indigos are here on the planet to break down old paradigms, but he also breaks me down.”

But that’s just the first episode. Next up are the Eisenbergs, AKA “The Pushers.” (Jewish and pushy? What are the chances?) This family won’t accept anything less than A+ in all subjects along with complete excellence in a plethora of sports and extracurricular activities.

Where are the dads in all of this? Like good Jewish husbands, Mr. Eisenberg and Shira’s partner, Andy, have learned to nod dociley and let their wives do the talking.

Finally, there is The Machenberg-Ney Family. Ms. Machenberg believes in hypnotizing her children to do their homework, chores, and behave themselves, arguing the practice will help them get ahead in life. Whatever works, right?

Has anyone been actually watching this show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(H/t Jezebel)

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