These Israeli Boys Singing About Life's Small Gifts Is the Reminder We All Need – Kveller
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These Israeli Boys Singing About Life’s Small Gifts Is the Reminder We All Need

I pretty much need a daily reminder that everything will be OK. We all do–especially parents–because there’s so much that can go wrong. Like, your kid could stick a safety pin up their nose, break their wrist at camp, or you know, just be a typical kid and not want to eat their veggies.

This is why I was so grateful when I found the video below of two Israeli boys singing a song about appreciating the small gifts in life–and how there is goodness to be found every day, even in the most mundane of places.

They sing, “Someone is sending me small gifts,” referencing God–and how Shabbat allows them to pause and reflect on the good.

The song, while song in Hebrew, has English subtitles so you can appreciate the lyrics too, even if you can’t understand Hebrew. Check it out below:

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