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This Bubbe Gives Us the Best Yiddish, Sex & Marriage Advice Ever


Bubbes know best. Whether it’s about your sex life, how to speak Yiddish, or how to sustain a healthy marriage, they’ll give you sage advice. And who couldn’t benefit from some real talk?

Well, now you can get all of this–the sex, marriage, and Yiddish advice–from a real bubbe, thanks to the comedic duo Soren & Jolles.

Soren (otherwise known as Tracy Soren) asked her bubbe, Tillie Levy, all about sex, marriage, and Yiddish in three different videos. She gives amazing anecdotes like “Schmuck was Jewish, really, for penis,” how the men at her wedding were listening to a “ball game,” and that women should only have sex because they want to, “not because a guy wants it.” Preach.

Watch the videos below–they’ll give you a good laugh–and Levy is the best:

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