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This Entire Instagram Account Is Dedicated to Cute Dudes Eating Hummus

hot dudes with hummus

So, there’s a new viral Instagram that has caught our attention, and it’s not about parenting. No, this is about food. And dudes–specifically: Hot Dudes And Hummus.  We also wager that some of these guys are Jewish, so you know, nice Jewish boys are always a plus.

Of course, we are sorry they don’t have the “hot ladies with hummus” Instagram account for all you lovely humans who prefer the ladies. Perhaps one of you should take this as a hint, and start the new trend.

Here’s some of our favorites below (the nerdier, the better):

This guy is MAKING hummus. UM HELLO:

Hummus and a suit? Tell me more.

Nothing better than a man with a suit and some hummus to cheer you up 😉😎 @israelzari A photo posted by Hot Dudes And Hummus -Official (@hotdudesandhummus) on

A hummus party? Don’t mind if I do.

Is there a hummus party that someone didn’t tell me about? 💁🏼 @genatomangisto

A photo posted by Hot Dudes And Hummus -Official (@hotdudesandhummus) on 7:35am PDT

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