This Grandpa Goes Viral With Epic Subway Feat When Someone Offered Him a Seat – Kveller
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This Grandpa Goes Viral With Epic Subway Feat When Someone Offered Him a Seat

Remember that saying, age is just a number? Well, it’s true. 68-year-old dentist(and total heartthrob) Wayne McEntire proves this. So, what happened? His 19-year-old grandson Britton Barker took the above picture of his grandfather being badass, and it’s gone viral.

Barker and McEntire were both riding a subway in Rio, where they were attending the Olympic games, when a passenger offered McEntire one of the train car’s elderly-accessible spots. Instead of accepting, McEntire did the unthinkable. He grabbed the subway pole and proceeded to lift his body up, horizontally, and stay there. Naturally, everyone was in awe–and amused.

Not surprisingly, McEntire works out pretty often–and is also known to be something of a clown. His grandson attested to this:

“He’s always been one to put on a show and entertain me and my two brothers. So I knew he had something that would surely surprise me in store just by the way I saw him walk over to the empty seat.”

As many millennials do these days, Barker proceeded to share his grandpa’s quick move with Twitter, and of course, it went viral. The tweet has already received 96K retweets and 126K likes since Thursday.

Let Wayne McEntire give all us of a bit of inspiration to be young no matter what our age, and to never stop being funny–and finding moments to infuse a little bit of humor into everyone’s lives. Just for the record, however, I’ll still offer my subway seat up to the elderly.

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