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This Mom Thinks We Should Breastfeed Each Other’s Babies

Yes, you read that headline right. A 27-year-old mom and former nanny from Fort Worth, Texas is trying to dispel stereotypes and negative attitudes toward wet nursing. She’s personally breastfed 14 children, two of which are her own.

Lacey Dangerstone is clearly not afraid to speak out on controversial topics, telling The Daily Mail why this is important to her:

“Wet nursing is considered a taboo subject but isn’t it just one mother helping out another and, more importantly, the child or baby? Breastfeeding other babies and toddlers has changed my life.”

So, how exactly did Lacey first start breastfeeding other people’s babies? She apparently tried to breastfeed another couple’s baby when they went on away for a weekend, and was already breastfeeding her own 9-month-old:

“My little one was four months old (Luna) and I was producing more milk than they needed. I fed Luna first and then I fed the other baby. My milk supply got a boost as well, it was a really natural feeding experience.”

It’s also something she grew up with–Lacey was breastfed by a wet nurse when she was a child, so it seemed like second nature. She also believes this kind of support is important for moms, because she never wants a woman to be in a position where she feels like she’s forced to wean her child when other women can help provide that child with breastmilk:

“I was raised to know wet nursing and moms helping other moms get the milk only a mother can produce is normal. It was never taboo for me. 

My view of wet nursing is that it feels right and is a natural important thing for the child. I could express milk into a bottle, the mother could express milk into the bottle but that is a lot of fuss when you have a breast available and milk literally at the ready.

Kings and queens of England have been wet nursed as have princes and princesses. It’s normal and has happened throughout history so for me posting images on my Instagram account and sharing the message and helping mothers globally is most natural thing to do.”

Of course, wet nursing isn’t the only option for women who want to wean their babies–this is where formula and breast milk banks come in handy as well. For those who are unaware of what breast milk banks are, it’s a service where women can buy breast milk that has been previously screened for any diseases.

Regardless of what your personal opinion about wet nursing is, it’s definitely admirable that Lacey wants to help and support other moms, especially in a society where that kind of help and support isn’t always readily available or fostered.

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