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This Teen Donated Her Bat Mitzvah Money to an Amazing Cause

We officially have found the coolest teen ever: 13-year-old Ava Barash. Barash celebrated her bat mitzvah in March — and she donated her gifts (along with her savings) to a sexual abuse legal fund for models.

In February, Barash had watched a news segment about Humans of Fashion Foundation — a nonprofit that works to create a safe space for workers in the fashion industry and helps address workplace misconduct, like harassment, abuse, and assault. It also provides pro-bono and subsidized legal counseling for victims.

Barash is an aspiring fashion designer, so this cause really hit home. Her bat mitzvah theme, naturally, was fashion — there was even a fashion show that featured teen models and makeup artists.

She spoke to Cosmopolitan, describing how the #MeToo movement inspired her:

My mom and I have talked about #MeToo — she tells me what it’s about and what’s happening with people who are in bad situations with positions in their work. I feel sad that people have to go through things like this. But I’m also happy that people are speaking up and making themselves heard to create awareness so things like this don’t happen as often anymore.

Barash sent the organization a check for $500, along with a hand-written note. The organization’s co-founders, Antoniette Costa and Kristina Romanova, were incredibly moved and said they “teared up” when they got her letter.

At the end of the day, though, Barash just wants to “sure everybody’s nice to each other any way that I could.”

If only all adults were as smart as her.

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