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This Transgender 14-Year-Old Girl’s Viral Video About Bullying Is Essential

14-year-old Corey Maison recently opened up and shared her incredibly harrowing story about getting bullied for being a transgender girl–and the video now has close to 2,000,000 million views.

In Maison’s video for The BULLY Project, she describes how she was born a boy, but remembers always loving painting her nails and wearing high heels. Because of this, however, her classmates often bullied her–one even told her she should kill herself because no one would miss her. Which is absolutely horrifying for anyone to hear.

Eventually, Maison’s mom showed her a video about transgender teen Jazz Jennings, which helped her become comfortable with who she is, seek out medical help to transition, and go through puberty as a girl.

As of now, she has been able to leave the school where she was bullied, and attend a small LGBT-inclusive school where she plays on the girls soccer team. In the video, Maison said that she is “so happy now,” which is incredibly gratifying that Maison has been able to rise above the bullying, and start fresh somewhere else. Because sometimes, we all need a new beginning.

This video is a necessary watch for everyone, because bullying happens regardless of age, and it’s never OK–and it’s definitely not something that should ever be ignored.

Watch the video below here–it’ll be sure to bring tears to your eyes:

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