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Tips for Addressing the Current Moment at This Year’s Seder

Our free guide for families provides helpful new rituals that address the aftermath of October 7.


At Kveller, we want to help you add meaning to your Jewish family rituals. It’s why we released the Kveller Haggadah back in 2019, meant to illuminate and enliven the seder for curious kids and their families.

Yet this year, in the shadow of the October 7 attack in Israel and the war in Gaza, holding the seder as usual without mention of what’s been going on may feel wrong. And so, we wanted to help with that, too.

We’ve created a new guide with seven ways you can change up your seder to address the current moment, including scripts and prompts that you can read out loud during the seder, and even some ideas for additional songs to sing. There are rituals to help you honor those who can’t be at the seder this year, address the devastation of war, and talk about our hopes for the future and peace. You can use it in tandem with the Kveller Haggadah or whatever haggadah your family opts for. Feel free to print it or read along from a phone or tablet, depending on how you celebrate. We hope this free guide helps you approach this year’s seder with confidence and intention.

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Wishing you a wonderful, meaningful Passover.


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