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Watch This French Father Comfort His Son After the Paris Attacks

paris attacks

In light of the recent violence in France, a French journalist interviewed a father and son for Le Petit Journal at the scene of the Bataclan attacks. The journalist asks the young boy if he understands what actually happened. The part that really gets me is the simplicity of his answer, because it’s so true:

“Do you understand why those people did that?”

“Yes, because they’re really, really mean.”

When the boy mentions that he thinks his family is moving because of the attacks, his father chimes in, correcting him and saying, “We’re not moving…France is our home,” to which his son naturally responds, “But there’s bad guys, daddy.”

It’s heartbreaking to watch this dad explain to his son that there are bad people everywhere in the world. But what he comes up with is pretty perfect–and actually makes his son feel better.

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Watch the entirety of the video below–it’s stunningly disarming and powerful:

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