5 Powerful Israeli Movies You Can Stream on Netflix

israeli movies

In honor of Israel’s Independence Day, which begins tonight, we rounded up some of our favorite Israeli films that have been released within the past five years. From comedy to chilling thrillers to psychological dramas, there’s something for everyone on this list (except maybe your young kid).

Here’s what we chose:

1. The Kindergarten Teacher (on Netflix)

This 2015 film is a creepy thriller about a kindergarden teacher’s obsession with a 5-year-old student, Yoav, who seems to exhibit a unusual poetic talent. Nira, the teacher, pushes boundaries from innocent to something far more unsettling.

2. Big Bad Wolves (on Netflix)

This 2013 film is a tantalizing tale of murder and revenge.

3. The Man in the Wall (on Netflix)

A wife’s husband disappears mysteriously–but why?

4. Wedding Doll (on Netflix)

Hagit is struggling with romance and the closure of the factory she works at. What is she going to do?

5. East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem (on Netflix)

This is a documentary that focuses on David Broza, an Israeli musician, as he records an album with Israeli and Palestinian musicians.

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