Jeweled Kiddish Cup

If Shabbat were a person, it would definitely be a queen. And we’re not just saying that–Judaism has a number of customs that play off the idea of Shabbat as a beautiful queen who comes into our lives, week after week. It’s why we stand up for certain parts of Shabbat services–just like you would when royalty enters a room–and host big Shabbat meals with dishes and desserts “fit for a queen.”

Your kids will surely be excited to embrace some Shabbat royalty with this kiddush cup craft, which uses stick-on gems and jewels to decorate the glass used for grape juice or wine. And if you wind up with some extra supplies, try making simple paper crowns that your kids can don on Shabbat, like the true princes and princesses they are.

You’ll need:

Plastic wine glasses

Flat-backed gems (look for ones with peal-back adhesive, otherwise you’ll also need glue)

Paint or paint pens (optional)

1. Wash the glasses and make sure they are dry before starting.

2. Attach the gems in any pattern you like. Keep the gems away from the rim. Gems are pretty, but not so tasty.

3. Add personal touches with paint or paint pens such as your kid’s name. Remember a little paint goes a long way.




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