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ShirLaLa Shabbat

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ShirLaLa, a.k.a. Shira Kline, is one of our favorite Jewish musicians. She can turn just about anything into a song, from counting the 10 Plagues of Passover to lighting the Hanukkah candles?but she can also turn any song into an activity. Her song “Hal’l’l’l’l’luyah” is a prime example–it’s a dance, an introduction to celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays, and a playtime warm-up. It’s also a great folk song in that 1960s choral soul-pop style of Pete Seeger and Judy Collins, but with a freshness and energy for kids. It can be found in different versions on her albums for holidays: ShirLaLa Shabbat, ShirLaLa Chanukah, and ShirLaLa Pesach.

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