Simchat Torah Flags


Though these girls are carrying Israeli flags, you and your child can make any kind of flag you want to celebrate Simchat Torah.

Traditionally on Simchat Torah, children walk around the synagogue waving homemade flags to help create a parade-like atmosphere. Whether or not you’re making it to services, it’s always fun to wave a flag. Here’s a simple and easy way to make one at home for kids of all ages.

You’ll need:

Empty paper towel roll
Construction paper
Dot paint (comes in a bottle with a roller top–much less messy than normal paint)

First, have your child decorate the construction paper using dot paint and stickers (or whatever other art supplies you choose).
Next, tape the construction paper to the paper towel roll. (By using a paper towel roll instead of a stick, you avoid any potential stick accidents). 
Give to your child and prepare to wave!

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