Tin Mezuzah Craft


Bless your home with this colorful craft.

A mezuzah is a small scroll affixed to the doorpost of Jewish homes that has the Shema prayer inside of it. 

You will need: 

Small empty mint or gum tin (like an Eclipse gum container) 
Glue stick
Adhesive foam
Shema prayer 


1. Wrap the sides of the tin with plain paper and glue. 

2. Color the paper with markers. 

3. Draw a “Shin” or Star of David near the top. 

4. Cut a one-inch piece of adhesive foam to fit on the back of the tin and stick it on. 

5. Print out the Shema prayer, or write or draw your own prayer on a small piece of paper.

6. Roll up the prayer and put it in the tin. Affix to a doorpost. 

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