Are you a history buff? Do you have a shrine to notable Jewish historical figures in your basement? Then why not take it to the next level and name your kid after your favorite past Jew? Here are just a few suggestions to get you started.


1)    Simon (Simon Bar Kokhba--revolutionary)
2)    Emile (Emile Durkheim--sociologist)
3)    George (George Gershwin--composer)
4)    Marc (Marc Chagall--artist)
5)    Arthur (Arthur Miller--playwright)


1)    Golda (Golda Meir--Israeli Prime Minister)
2)    Betty (Betty Friedan--author of The Feminine Mystique)
3)    Emma (Emma Goldman--anarchist/activist)
4)    Chana (Chana Senesh--fought against Nazis)
5)    Henrietta (Henrietta Szold--founder Hadassah)

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