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About: Amanda Koppelman-Milstein
Full Name Amanda Koppelman-Milstein
Amanda Koppelman-Milstein
Amanda Koppelman Milstein lives in Washington, DC where she chases after a small baby, cooks amazing things involving chocolate, helps organize independent Jewish communities, and writes.

Posts by Amanda Koppelman-Milstein:

  • Jun 26 2014
    When You Can’t Recognize Anybody’s Face

    I come from a long line of people who have great difficulty recognizing faces. The technical term for this is prosopagnosia, and I don’t have a full-blown case, I can recognize people I know well. That said, I’ve definitely failed … Continue reading


  • May 7 2014
    Don’t Take My Baby’s Bottle Away

    I had planned on weaning my son from the bottle roughly around the time of my death. I took a bottle until I was 2.5, and my husband thinks he may have had one until he was 4. We are both fine–why wouldn’t we be? What magic wand waved on … Continue reading


  • Jul 12 2013
    Buying My Son from a Priest for a Few Silver Coins

    I knew my life had gotten strange when I found myself standing in my in-laws’ living room, having recently purchased my son from a priest, as my husband threw chocolate silver coins down my hooter hider while I breastfed my … Continue reading


  • Jun 13 2013
    When Will This Spit Up Madness End?

    I went to my first postnatal checkup wearing maternity pants that I didn’t realize were covered in spit up. “Next time I see you, I will be sure to make sure that this doesn’t happen,” I said to the midwife. Seven months … Continue reading



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