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About: Amanda Levinson
Full Name Amanda Levinson
Amanda Levinson
Amanda Levinson is a writer, social change strategist and curiosity seeker living in Burlington, VT with her two boys and husband. You can find her at and

Posts by Amanda Levinson:

  • Sep 16 2014
    My Husband’s Grandmother Cooked in Yiddish

    A few years before my husband Adam’s grandma passed away, we started asking for some of her recipes so we could record them and continue to enjoy them on holidays. Grandma Jean was the quintessential old world Jewish grandmother. Tiny, … Continue reading


  • Dec 3 2013
    Two Grandmothers, Two Guggle Muggles

    Recently, my 3-year-old son came tiptoeing downstairs long after we had put him down for the night. “I can’t sleep,” he said, hugging his stuffed dog. “Do you want a guggla-muggla?” I asked, opening the fridge and reaching for a … Continue reading



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