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About: Ariel Chesler
Full Name Ariel Chesler
Ariel Chesler
Ariel Chesler is an attorney and writer in New York. He lives with his wife and two daughters, and one cat. He is the son of feminist author and psychologist Phyllis Chesler.

Posts by Ariel Chesler:

  • Jan 22 2014
    Mitzvah Notes For Mommy

    My daughter’s preschool teacher has created a daily task in which we, the parents, write “mitzvah notes” for our children each day. These notes are meant to describe the ways in which our children are helpful, cooperative, or did good … Continue reading


  • Nov 22 2013
    This Dad Wants to Shrink and Go To Preschool

    My wife and I often talk about how fascinating it would be to be flies on the wall at our daughter’s Jewish preschool. It’s the ultimate parent fantasy–to see how your children behave when you’re out of sight. At home, we … Continue reading


  • Sep 13 2013
    An Apology to My Toddler on Yom Kippur

    Like many other parents of toddlers, I spend a lot of time teaching my 3-year-old daughter to apologize. She is taught to apologize when she doesn’t listen, or when she doesn’t cooperate, or when she is screaming for no reason, … Continue reading



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